5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car Wash Equipment

As a business owner, upgrading equipment is often an expense that has to be absorbed to improve and grow a larger customer base. Below are five ways that updating your car wash equipment can improve your business in a hurry.

Use Advanced Technology

In an age of technological boom and digital technologies, updating your car wash equipment is essential if you want to catch the interest of the tech-savvy Millenial generation. No one wants to roll up to a car wash and use equipment that is old, shabby, and looks like it saw the prime of life ten years ago. In some respects, it is helpful to cater a bit to the whims of your customers.

Increase Safety

One part of the design with car wash equipment that continues is the drive to make everything safer. Whether it is conveyor belts, spray nozzles, dryer units, or any number of moving parts, safety is an ongoing concern to minimize injuries and insurance claims. You should update equipment if it is at least ten years old.

Fewer Equipment Breakdowns

You can lose a surprising amount of revenue through constant equipment breakdowns. Constant service calls can begin to eat into profits in a big way. Getting a reputation for having equipment that is faulty and worn out will make you lose customers. They will end up going where they know they can get the service they need and deserve.

Save Water Usage

You may be using equipment that costs you more than you know in wasted water. Constant leaks and inefficiency can all raise your water bill. This can prove extremely costly in areas that are under heavy water restriction.

Increased Efficiency

Updated car wash equipment will allow your entire business to operate more efficiently. You will streamline the use of electric, water, and be able to move customers through the system faster. Ultimately, it means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. it can be one of the wisest decisions you make.
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