5 Ways Khelplay Rummy App Makes You a Better Card Player


Most people still have not realised the benefits you enjoy as you play rummy online with others. People still stick to their traditional deck of cards and play rummy offline. However, there are many ways in which Khelplay Rummy makes you a better card player. Here we have listed out a few ways in which rummy furnishes your playing skills and also other skills. Read along to know:

  1. It Times Your Moves

When you play online rummy, it is generally understood that no one should take too much time to play their move. But, some players may still take much time. The remaining players then need to tolerate this attitude. It may even meddle with your concentration and make you lose patience.

But in Khelplay Rummy, you are given a fixed time to play your move and a timer ticks as soon as your turn arrives. This makes you more disciplined and forces you to play your move within the given time. This helps you understand how to time your moves better and within the given time.

  1. It Helps You Play with Strangers Too

One drawback when you play rummy offline is that you often limit yourself to your friend circle or relatives. You don’t opt to play rummy with complete strangers offline. This is what changes when you play a rummy patti game on the website. Here you get an opportunity to try your rummy skills with complete strangers. This allows you to come up with new strategies and plan your game from scratch.

  1. It Helps You Learn New Game Variations

It is always helpful to learn new games as it teaches you new tactics and skills. The popular Indian Rummy has many different variations. You can check out online videos to understand the different variants and try learning through practice. This way, you will understand how each of these games differs and what makes them unique.

Since the Khelplay Rummy app is designed keeping in mind the diverse rummy players around the world, it has many variations uploaded which you may try out. So, it is for you to choose between deals rummy, pool rummy, 10 cards game, 13 cards rummy game and 21 cards game.

  1. It Helps You Face Challenges

When you play the real cash rummy game, you face the true challenge. Winning in rummy with practice chips is no big deal. But if you win in tournament it is a different ball game all-together. Khelplay Rummy has a different tournament planned for every season.

You need to deposit requisite amount to play rummy with cash. You can win stunning cash prizes or even gadgets just by proving your efficiency in the game.

  1. It Helps You Practice

The best way to sharpen your skills in any game is simply through practice. The website allows you to practice rummy for free simply by creating a Khelplay Rummy account and logging in. You can download rummy app for Android and play the game on your mobile phone while on the go. Regular practice at rummy will help you refine your skills in the game so that you become an expert.

These are simple ways in which Khelplay Rummy makes you a better card player and helps gain expertise in playing card games such as rummy. The skills acquired also help you in playing other games.