8 killed in twin bomb blasts in Turkey

At least eight people have been killed and dozens injured in twin bomb blasts Wednesday in southern Turkey, an official said.

The bombings took place almost simultaneously in Kiziltepe and Diyarbakir. A senior government official said Kurdish PKK militants are believed to be behind the bombings.

The Kiziltepe bombing struck a police bus in front of Mardin State Hospital, on the Turkish-Syrian border, killing three people and injuring at least 30. Five of the injured were children.

The Diyarbakir bombing hit a bridge, killing five people and injuring at least 12 people and perhaps as many as 30 others.

The PKK began its rebellion in 1984, on the grounds the Turkish government had inflicted longstanding and often violent oppression upon Kurds in the country. Aceasefire was broken last year, with attacks between the government and PKK leaving hundreds dead.
[Source: UPI]

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