Apple Rumor iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Price: Latest Round-Up Features of The So-Called iPad Pro Mini; Few Months to Go before Launch!

The next iPad mini might either be called iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini with more specs upgraded

iPad Mini 5 rumors on specs: possibly be named as iPad Pro Mini

Apple will likely to revamp iPad Mini’s design with new chassis and probably thinner dimension. The Apple mini tablet chassis could be made from aluminum material similar to the iPhone 6 and with color options including Rose Gold.

So, is it iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini? Apple fans should take note on the previous iPad Pro 9.7 release before iPad Air 3 launch. Thus, it can be argued that this year might be the time to release a Pro version of iPad mini.

Apple rumor iPad Mini 5 specs

Under the hood, iPad Mini 5 might be equipped with 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera with iSight technology for the primary lens. Apple will not miss to include Retina display and 3D Touch technology to the iPad Pro Mini, MacWorld speculated.

Aside from slimmed down design and improved graphics, iPad Pro Mini is expected to have larger battery capacity with superior technology that can match the tablet’s performance.

What Apple fans are eager to know is whether the iPad Mini 5 will be shipped with spacious internal memory or stick with 16 GB space. It is possible that Apple makes an upgrade in term of storage, perhaps with 32 GB. New Apple Pencil that enhances artist’s drawing experience on the surface and IP68 certification might also be the things we see in the so-called iPad Pro Mini, Apple Informershared the news.

iPad Pro Mini or iPad Mini 5 price

Rumors on price are analyzed based on the iPad Mini 4 pricings. The next iPad Mini might come with a base price of $419 with two storage options 32 GB and 128 GB.

iPad Mini 5 release date

The previous iPad Mini 4 was launched in September last year. If rumors of the iPad named as iPad Pro Mini are true, then fans should expect this year’s release in September as well.

[Source:- University Herald]

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