Asus ZenFone Max Series Gets PowerMaster App for Battery Savings

Asus ZenFone Max Series Gets PowerMaster App for Battery Savings

Taiwanese smartphone maker Asus on Thursday announced a new app for its ZenFone Max series devices.

The upgrade is available across ZenFone 3 Max series through an FOTA update that has already been rolled out to the users. The PowerMaster app will also be available for the older version of the ZenFone Max series.

The PowerMaster app provides intelligent ways of charging, reducing energy consumption on unnecessary apps, and allows the users to enjoy better battery performance. As per Asus, with the “PowerMaster’s 2X Lifespan option turned on, battery’s longevity is extended drastically. The feature charges the phone intelligently to increase the amount of charge cycles the phone battery can normally support, and decreases the loss of capacity from the usual 15 percent to 7 pecent. It also manages to charge the battery while generating absolutely minimal heat. As a result, the battery ages slower while performing at its best.”

“With the ‘PowerMaster’ app, users can now not only extend the battery’s life but also benefit from the different technologies provided to increase the smartphone’s overall efficiency,” said Peter Chang, Region Head – South Asia & Country Manager for Asus India, in a statement.
The software upgrade is equipped with nine battery-extending technologies to enhance the complete experience.

Apart from the PowerMaster app, these include a new Reverse Charging feature, the Scan mode for suggested battery optimisations, an Auto-start Manager that customises which apps startup, new Battery Modes, a Boost feature to clear background apps, a Last Longer feature that displays options for battery savings, and finally, a Battery Usage feature to show detailed battery usage statistics per charge.




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