BlackBerry DTEK50 specs, latest news: Canadian tech firm about to release second Android smartphone

The BlackBerry’s road to redemption has official begun, and with so much anticipation on how the Canadian tech company will bounce back, there already is free publicity for its very first Android-powered smartphone, Priv. And while interest on the Priv is still on the rise, the company is bringing in another handset in its bid to become relevant once again.

BlackBerry is marketing the new smartphone, codenamed “DTEK50,” as the most secure Android-based smartphone in the industry, although that remains to be seen once it gets launched. But what really is interesting about this phone is that it will be sold half the price to that of the Priv, perEcumenical News.

Meanwhile, Digital Trends reported that the Priv didn’t really click because consumers felt it was priced too high, which probably is also the reason why the Canadian tech firm is taking a nose dive on the next smartphone by giving it a substantially lower price.

Furthermore, CNET claims in a report that the DTEK50 is a supposed newcomer that isn’t really new. Based on the rumored specs, it has a very striking resemblance to the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4. As a matter of fact, the same report said that the BlackBerry upcoming device is indeed an exact copy of the Idol 4. Well, that right there should say a lot about BlackBerry’s lack of innovation in trying to keep up with industry’s fierce smartphone competition.

To be fair though, DTEK50 has one particular feature that’s not found in the earlier Alcatel version — a top-notch and highly advanced security system called the DTEK app. It works by monitoring the phone’s usage in order to identify probable risks to the user’s privacy. Likewise, the same feature is reportedly able to generate information, the purpose of which is to hand the user valuable tips to improve security on the phone, including a recommendation on when the improvement has to be made.

The BlackBerry DTEK50 is slated for an Aug. 8 release.


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