The Christ of Havana Hosts Today Lyrical Tribute to Fidel Castro

The Christ of Havana  Hosts Today Lyrical Tribute to Fidel Castro

Havana, Mar 13 (Prensa Latina) The Academy of Singing Mariana Gonitch performances today in The Christ of Havana pieces of patriotic and Latin American repertoire to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Issues like White Rose, rebel Canto, La bayamesa, El Mambi, Victory, Plegaria a un Labrador, singing tillage and Guantanamera be heard from the square where the colossal sculpture of the artist Jilma Wood, opened in 1958 is located.

Under the name Fidel’s Cuba, this will be the third concert performing the academy conducted by Maestro Hugo Oslé, in tribute to the historic leader of the Revolution, which on August 13 will be 90 years old.

During the recital sponsored by the Morro-Cabaña Military Complex and also will feature special performances by Cuban actress Corina Mestre, 90 white doves fly over the place chosen for the celebration.

For the occasion, the singers also debut a new version of the classic We are the world with personalities of national culture combined with the successful day Fidel’s Cuba.

Began last January with a concert at the Museum of the Revolution, the initiative of the academy will run through December and expects recitals every day 13 of each month to celebrate the 90th birthday of Fidel.

Created seven decades ago by Gonitch after settling in Cuba, the academy named promotes Russian soprano opera singing talents novice on this island.

[Source:- Prensa Latina]

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