How to Download WhatsApp Latest Update/Beta for Android Devices


A lot of people are now enjoying the downloadable beta update of the WhatsApp messenger mobile app.

This new version 2.16.150 of the popular messaging app is still manufactured by WhatsApp Inc. It is suitable for older Android versions such as the 2.3.3+ Gingerbread up to the latest. There are websites that can offer this app other than the Google Play Store.


Most of the time, they are able to offer newer versions than what the Play Store can provide. The best thing about using the latest version is the new features with better security setups.

If messaging is your thing, it just might be your best option that you can install on your mobile device. It offers free online chatting environment for those who share the same app. Likewise, it can provide mobile messaging capability for Windows, iOS and Windows users that should make communications a lot easier across different platforms.

Downloading the latest version of the WhatsApp messenger is advised for those who are still waiting for the next update. Sometimes, it will take forever for this type of mobile application to be available on the Play Store. So it should be an advantage to those who are still looking for a compatible version of the app. If you don’t know how to download the latest WhatsApp mobile application, here are a few tips for you to follow.

  • Visit Popular Sites that Offer Beta Versions

If you know a reliable website offering a beta version of WhatsApp, then you should notice a link that points to a downloadable APK file. This can be done using a Windows, Android or iOS device. Simply type in the file that you want to download and your file will be downloaded shortly after.

  • Watch Out for Dubious Websites

Sometimes, there are sites that offer beta apps but they only make it more confusing by introducing some surveys before you may be able to download an APK file.

  • Install the Downloaded Software

After successfully downloading the beta app, you can now install it. Take note that APKs can only be installed on Android devices. So even if you have downloaded it elsewhere, you should be able to use it only on your Android gadget.


Testing apps on beta can be rewarding or frustrating. So you need to be conscious about the things that you need to do before you try them out. One reason for releasing a beta update is to allow people to provide comments or suggestions regarding the performance of that particular app so developers can make appropriate actions.

The Play Store offers proper beta testing for any type of application. So users are given choices before they can download and install the file. Either they do it to download the regular file or they can follow a beta branch that will allow folks to test it first.

Downloading WhatsApp latest beta update can be done easily if you only know where and how to do it. You can also browse along this website to know more about the latest updates of some of the popular apps for your Android device.


[Source:- Neurogadget]

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