Google Drive makes it easy to backup files from iPhone

Google-Drive-makes-it-easy-to-backup-files-from-iPhoneAre you a troubled iPhone user trying to enter the realm of Android goodness, but worried about losing all your precious data on the iPhone?

Well sure, the way to port your contacts and data from iPhone to Android is a really tedious process, and often results in missing data here or there, and involves numerous steps. However, Google has solved this grave problem for us, and made our lives simpler!

Google has updated its Google Drive app, and added a bunch of new features including an option to completely back your iPhone on to the cloud. Simply go to the settings in the app and hit the backup option. It’ll ask you for permissions for backing up the data.

Users can then simply log in to the Google account they used for backing up their content and viola everything syncs like a charm. Google Drive backs up your contacts, photos and videos from the camera roll, as well as calendar.

Not everything can be backed up through this process, and this includes your iMessage conversations, or Music from your iTunes.

Moreover, the backup process can be time consuming, depending on your content and data connection speeds, so keeping your device connected to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended.

Also the app must be on while backing up the content, with the screen being on the backup progress screen. Users cannot run the process in the background.

This seems like Google’s answer to Apple’s porting app on Android, which allows users to easily port from Android to an iPhone. Both smartphone makers are keen on providing smoother transition process, and the result is pure bliss!


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