iOS 11 Camera App’s QR Code Support to Enable New Integrations

iOS 11 Camera App's QR Code Support to Enable New Integrations


  • Users won’t need to use third-party apps for scanning QR codes
  • QR codes enable users to perform several actions with simple scanning
  • iOS 11 will be made widely available in fall

Apple has added native support for scanning QR codes to camera app in iOS 11, which means that users will not require a third-party application just to scan the Quick Response codes for day-to-day use. With the addition of this feature, new possibilities and uses cases will open up for users in terms of what they can do by simply scanning a QR code with their camera app.

9To5Mac has a compilation of the new features that iOS 11 camera app’s QR code support will enable. This includes adding contacts, adding events to calendars, as well as placing phone calls. With the native support for QR Code scanning in the iOS camera app, users will be able to perform these actions without having to switch to a third-party app, and leverage integration with the corresponding app like Contacts, Calendar, and Phone. Additionally, QR codes can be used to send emails with predefined email addresses and messages, search addresses, going to certain website addresses, and connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Now hold on to that last bit, while configuring wireless networks using QR codes is definitely easier than manually adding the password, Apple has already introduced a new feature with iOS 11 that eliminates even the need of scanning QR code. With the newly added feature for easy Wi-Fi sharing, users can simply allow other users to join the network by giving permission with a single tap through another connected device.
Notably, QR Codes can also be created with callback-URLs, which allow users or third party applications to jump directly into certain specific areas within the app, the report points out. This means that users will be able to reach a particular part within the app by just scanning a particular QR code. This can enable new opportunities for app developers and offer convenience for users as well.

Users who are already on the developer preview for iOS 11 can start scanning right away while those who are still on earlier versions of the platform can currently use third-party applications till iOS 11 is eventually rolled out widely in Fall this year


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