What Long Horse Riders Should Know Before Embarking on an Adventurous Journey

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The Long Horse Ride is a horseback journey from Beijing to London and was initially devised in 2008 right after the Beijing Olympics. The main aim was to raise money for children who are disadvantaged using the Charity aid that they had chosen. It reached London right on time for the London Olympics in 2012.

It is very different from the horse racing one can see on the TVG race track. In fact, other than having horses of the same caliber, there is a little similarity.

Here are ten tips for anyone who intends to be a part of The Long Horse Riders:

  1. Travel light: The way is long, and the path is immensely adventurous, so it would be best if you pack light and only carry the essentials. Reduce the number of knick-knacks from your luggage as much as you can. Take the most fitting attire for the journey. Other materials can be bought on the way.
  2. Try to stay in the group: The more number of people you have in the whole journey, the better. Not only does it keep the party lively, but it is also safe and often more convenient than traveling alone.
  3. Make strategic stops: No, I am not talking about simple bathroom breaks. Make stops when all provisions of everyone in the party have come to the bare minimum. The aim is to reach the destination at a stipulated time.
  4. Take proper care of your horse: Remember, the horse is a living being and needs precisely as much nourishment, and love as another person in your group would need, maybe even more.
  5. Stay hydrated, keep your horse hydrated: Not only should you stay hydrated (since a horse ride takes away a lot from you) but make sure the horse is well hydrated as well or else the horse might get difficult to handle.
  6. Keep your horse riding gear right: Make sure you are carrying the right equipment for horse riding because riding a horse is not easy, much less, through that distance with poorly maintained gear.
  7. Warning for beginners: It would probably be best if beginners in horse riding do not take up the task. The journey would not suit their physique or experience.
  8. First aid box: Always carry a first aid box in case of minor emergencies.
  9. Knowledge of the route: make sure to have a precise understanding of the route.
  10. Keep track of the route. Take pictures and write blogs if necessary.


The main idea of the ride is goodwill, and that is a necessary thing to be carried along. Initially, the journey started as a carrier of collective goodwill from the people of Beijing to London. The route begins from the China Children Charity Monument on the Great Wall at Badaling and follows the Great Wall and the Silk Route through China and Central Asia. The final leg is reached after skirting the shores of the Caspian and the Black Sea.