Microsoft Confirms New Windows 10 Update Warning

Microsoft has started to make a massive new upgrade available to millions of Windows 10 users. Unfortunately, the company has also confirmed it is full of problems.

In its official release information for Windows 10 v2004 (also known as the ‘May 2020 Update’), Microsoft has listed 10 significant “Known Issues” which are currently active. These include problems with Bluetooth, audio, gaming, connectivity, graphics card drivers and system stability.

Among these, the most high profile are incompatibilities with certain Nvidia display drivers (details), Conexant and Synaptics audio drivers (details), broken mouse control (details), plugging and unplugging Thunderbolt docks (details), broken variable refresh rates with Intel graphics (details), difficulty connecting to more than one Bluetooth device (details) and unexpected restarts with certain network adapters (details).

Furthermore, while the May 2020 update does bring some welcome security upgrades, there are some concerns here as well.

To its credit, Microsoft has taken two proactive steps. First, it is applying an algorithm which attempts to establish whether your PC will upgrade reliably before starting the update. Second, it is currently only rolling out the May 2020 update to users who “Check for Updates” – although that is admittedly a sizeable number.

Ultimately, the pros will outweigh the cons in Windows 10 v2004 (there is a lot of good stuff) but there are a number of road bumps to be overcome and I would advise mainstream Windows 10 users stay away from it for the time being. May has been a difficult month for Microsoft with the endless list of problems caused by KB4556799 and it has been in firefighting mode.

But right now, Microsoft needs to dust itself down and refill the extinguisher.

source: forbes

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