NissanConnect Car Platform Launched in India, Lets You Find Your Car and More on App

NissanConnect Car Platform Launched in India, Lets You Find Your Car and More on App

Carmaker Nissan launched its integrated car platform, called NissanConnect, in India on Thursday to provide users with information as well as communication features while on the go. NissanConnect has been developed specifically for the Indian market by the company and is available on mobile platforms Android, iOS, and Windowsfor Nissan’s existing and new customers. The launch comes after the launch of a similar service by Toyota in India.

Nissan says that the integrated information and communication platform has been developed by Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India and offers more than 50 “Connected Car features.” These NissanConnect features come with three years of free subscription and one year of Nissan warranty program calculated from the start of the activation, the company said in its release.

The NissanConnect platform has been described by the company as a “factory fitted Connected Car Technology solution with an embedded Telematics Control Unit paired with an inbuilt SIM for every car and a dedicated server.”

With NissanConnect, users will be able to find nearby fuel stations, Nissan dealerships, service stations etc. They will also be able to locate their car, book car service in advance, get alerts when the car crosses the speed-limit or when your vehicle moves out of a particular geographical area, or share their car location with their friends or family. The platform will be made available for range of cars – Micra, Sunny, and Terrano.

Notably, the newly-announced car platform also allows users to carry around all the information related to their car along with them at all times. Krishnan Sundararajan, managing director at Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India commented at the launch by saying, “The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) is shifting gears in the automotive industry, leading it to its most significant innovation phase and ushering in new opportunities. With NissanConnect, we aim to provide an effortless driving experience integrated with our customers’ connected lifestyle while maintaining data security.”


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