North Korean government informed approximately decision to loose Elfin yacht – ambassador

North Korea’s overseas Ministry informed Russian diplomats in Pyongyang approximately the decision toloose Elgin yacht, Russian Ambassador in North Korea Alexander Matsegora told TASS on Sunday.

Russian diplomatic project’s staff is checking data about yacht’s crusing from Kimchaek port to Vladivostok andtries to reach the yacht grasp by telephone, the ambassador stated.
on the same time, diplomats preserve insisting that the Korean facet clarifies motives of yacht detention.
The Elfin yacht with 5 group contributors onboard turned into detained by way of a North Korean coastdefend deliver within the Sea of Japan some eighty miles faraway from the port of Kosong on Friday.
The vessel, belonging to the Primorye sailing affiliation, changed into on the manner from the South Korean port of Pusan to Vladivostok after an international regatta.

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