Office Delve for Windows 10 makes its way to Windows 10 Mobile in Preview

Delve, the newest addition to Office 365, has still not been officially announced but that doesn’t stop the app from coming to mobile. It was a PC-only UWP applicationuntil earlier today. The app was also available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but not for Microsoft’s own mobile platform.

To download Delve, all you have to do is go to the link at the bottom of the article, but to use it you, unfortunately, need a Work or School account, as with many preview apps on the Windows Store.

But what is Delve? Well, the official description describes it like this:

Delve helps you stay in the know, powered by who you know and what they are working on. With this preview app for Windows 10, you’ll be notified about document updates, and get document suggestions that are relevant to your work. You can also find people and get back to your recent documents and attachments, all in one place – all in one app.

Key features of the app:

  • Get updates about what your colleagues are working on
  • Find relevant documents and attachments based on people you know
  • Get back to important documents you’re actively working on

Microsoft promised support for Windows-powered phones, and finally, delivered. Go ahead and download the app from the link below:


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