Pay attention to the BlackBerry annual and unique meeting replay

In case you ignored out or just simple skipped the BlackBerry annual and special meeting webcast, you can now go beforehand and pay attention to the replay. As anticipated, there were no massiveannouncements to pop out of the webcast but as a substitute, it turned into all targeted on forwardlooking statements and in which BlackBerry is nowadays and where they are headed inside the destiny.

All alternatively preferred, store some what can best be called outbursts from the ones in the audienceand an thrilling blend of a few instead bizarre and extremely good questions. there was even a point out approximately porn, because, why now not? nevertheless, it’s actually well worth a concentrateand there are some desire charges from BlackBerry CEO John Chen concerning BlackBerry advertising,wherein their consciousness is for the handset commercial enterprise and where they see the ability forgrowth and income within the near the future.

in line with Chen, the number one objective for BlackBerry is to make the hardware enterpriseworthwhile. “The tool commercial enterprise ought to be profitable, due to the fact we do not want to run a commercial enterprise that drags onto the bottom line,” Chen noted. “we’ve got to get there thisyearwhich means this fiscal yr.

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