Save £200 on BlackBerry Priv, an Android phone with Qwerty keyboard

blackberry priv

f you’re looking for a new smartphone, here’s an unusual contender that might take your fancy: the BlackBerry Priv.

Carphone Warehouse has knocked around £150 to £200 off the BlackBerry Priv, bringing the phone’s price down to just £399.99.

The BlackBerry Priv features a 5.4-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 CPU, and runs on Google’s Android operating system. It also boasts BlackBerry’s widely-beloved physical keyboard, which slides down from behind the phone.


We gave the BlackBerry Priv a 8/10 score at its review price of £560, praising its unique design, sharp and colourful screen, robust productivity and privacy features, and useful keyboard. Here’s our verdict:

“If you’re a professional looking for a BYOD-friendly smartphone or you just value your privacy, the Priv is a great choice. The Priv is a great phone that offers all the inherent perks of Android while showcasing BlackBerry’s advanced productivity and privacy services. The Priv is the best BlackBerry phone in over half a decade…”


On Amazon, the BlackBerry Priv has a 4.1/5 score based on 39 user reviews. Users wrote:

“An outstanding device – if you want an Android phone, this could be your next phone.”

“Got it a couple of days ago and spent the weekend playing around with it and so far very happy with everything. Cons? I am yet to find one…”

“Brilliant phone – may just be enough to mount a comeback. The screen is outstanding and the slide motion is very sleek and robust. Finally BlackBerry users don’t have to compromise on apps now BB is using Android.”

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This is a pretty huge discount by any measure, with £399.99 being the lowest price we could find the BlackBerry Priv for.

By comparison, Amazon’s best price is £449.99:

Buy Now: BlackBerry Priv at Amazon for £449.99

Amazon currently lists the device with an R.R.P of £569.99, while Carphone Warehouse claims it’s £599.99. We reviewed the phone at £560, so we’d say that anywhere from £560 to £600 is the true market price of the phone.

That said, we’d recommend the far newer – and much more powerful – Samsung Galaxy S7, which is available in Gold at Amazon for £499. This is a great price, and you get much more phone for your money if you’re willing to spend an extra £100:

Buy Now: Samsung Galaxy S7 at Amazon for £499

But if you’re really set on the impressive BlackBerry Priv, check it out below:

Buy Now: BlackBerry Priv at Carphone Warehouse for £399.99

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