Southend thief steals iPad and laptop from two separate police cars in one night

Glenn Cundy leaving court

A bungling thief stole a laptop and an iPad belonging to Essex Police from two separate unmarked police cars in one night.

Hapless Glenn Cundy, of no fixed abode in Southend, admitted two charges of theft from a motor vehicle at Leigh-on-Sea overnight from June 17 to 18.

Prosecutor Tamzin Sharp told Southend Magistrates’ Court yesterday (September 2) how 34-year-old Cundy had stolen a Fujitsu laptop and Apple iPad both worth around £400.

“A police officer parked in Leigh-on-Sea and a laptop computer belonging to Essex Police was left on the passenger side,” she said.

“Another officer parked that day in Leigh-on-Sea, the door was left unlocked and an iPad belonging to Essex Police was left in the passenger footwell.

“At around 4.15am in the morning officers returned to the vehicles to find the iPad and laptop had been stolen overnight.”

Mrs Sharp told the court how CCTV footage showed two men removing the laptop and iPad from the cars on both occasions.

She also said how a woman had agreed to buy the laptop as a birthday present for her daughter and the iPad for her son.

But Cundy was arrested by police on July 29 and the iPad was found underneath clothing in her bedroom.

Both men in the CCTV were arrested and Cundy’s accomplice identified both himself and Cundy in the CCTV and admitted the theft.

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Lucy Osborn, representing Cundy, told the court he had committed the offences at a time when his life had ‘hit something of a low point’.

“He has four children, none of whom he has contact with, he has recently lost the accommodation he was renting,” she said.

“He has been diagnosed with depression and he is disappointed in himself that he finds himself back here before the court.

“This is a vehicle that is owned by Essex Police but it’s not a marked vehicle. He came across it and tried the door.

“The vehicle was left to look as if it was secure but in fact it wasn’t. The items were on view to anyone who happened to be passing the vehicle.

“Perhaps the temptation was placed there and unfortunately Mr Cundy fell to that temptation.

“It was a decision he thinks is absolutely foolish, he said it was a very stupid thing to do.”

She said Cundy’s actions were not premeditated and that he expresses ‘genuine remorse’ for his actions.

Chair of the bench David Gilmore gave Cundy a community order as a £50 fine.

He will also have to pay £50 court costs and a £85 victim surcharge.


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