Technology Every Rescue Worker Needs

If you’re a rescue worker, whether in emergency medical services or mountain rescue, there’s a list of supplies and equipment you need to have on hand. Things like weather-specific clothing, first aid equipment and survival supplies. Technology, though, is also very important. Here are some pieces of technology every rescue worker needs when on the job.


A smartphone is a must-have in this day and age. It has it all. You get access to the internet for vital searches, you have built-in GPS and you have a way to contact others to let them know where you are or of an incoming trauma. In addition to your smartphone, keep a charger or battery pack to help you stay juiced-up during an emergency.

2-Way Radio

What do you do if the cellular networks go down? What happens if you are in the wilderness and there are no cell towers? A smartphone, though valuable, is no longer a great piece of equipment for communication or wayfinding. When you find yourself in this situation, a 2-way radio is a great way to go. This communication device will let you reach out to your team across long distances and advise of problems, location and calls for help. Find a retailer that deals in radios as well as Motorola radio accessories.

GPS Device

As above, if your cell service is out, your smartphone’s GPS function is going to go away as well. Every rescue worker should have a backup and even a backup to the backup. A good backup to a smartphone is an electronic GPS device. As long as the device has power and a line of sight to enough satellites, it can give you a fix on where you are and let you navigate.

Flash Light

Another essential piece of equipment is a source of light. Whether a flashlight or headlamp, make sure you have one on you and charged up. Carry extra batteries just in case.

If you’re a rescue worker, thank you for your service. Be sure to carry this essential technology and stay safe.