The 10 Best Data Science Blogs To Follow

Best Data Science Blogs to Follow in 2020 | by Claire D. Costa | Towards Data  Science

There are countless excellent resources on data science, and it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. This article will list some of the most useful blogs and websites for everyone—from data science experts to complete newbies. In addition to offering advice and learning resources, this list of data science blogs is also full of websites to keep informed about current news, trends, and opinions from professionals. If you’re just getting started and want to learn a little more about the subject itself, also check out our list of the best books about data science for beginners (link).

1. Data Science Central

Data Science Central does exactly what its name suggests and acts as an online resource hub for just about everything related to data science and big data. The site covers a wide array of data science topics regarding analytics, technology, tools, data visualization, code, and job opportunities. Industry experts contribute discussion and insights about key topics. The site updates frequently, nearly two blog posts a day from contributing writers, and it also offers a community forum for discussion or questions.

2. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective is a community site focused on trends in business intelligence and data management. Similar to Data Science Central, it also features insights into data science through contributions by industry experts. Where Data Science Central focuses directly on data science as a whole, SmartData Collective looks at the wider field and how data science can intersect with business.

3. What’s The Big Data?

What’s The Big Data? takes a different approach to data science and focuses on the impact of big data’s growth into the digital behemoth it is today. The blog’s founder, Gil Press, is intimately familiar with big data and data science, having spent a career in data research and now running a consulting practice. In his blog, Press explores how big data interacts with our lives and impacts everything from technology to business to government and policy. He provides a source of news and commentary on the sphere of data.

4. No Free Hunch

This blog is slightly different than the others, offering a look directly into the minds of data scientists, as well as tutorials and news. This is the blog of the data science website Kaggle, which hosts data science projects and competitions that challenges data scientists to produce the best models for featured data sets. Organizations can post their data problems with a prize amount and data professionals will enter to solve it. Crowdsourcing ensures that the experiments are innovative and interesting—and offer a lot of perspectives to learn from. Over 200 competitions have run, including high profile ones like improving Microsoft Kinect gesture recognition, improving the search for the Higgs boson at CERN, and the notorious Heritage Health $3 million award for improving predictions regarding which patients will need to visit hospitals. Kaggle’s official blog goes deeper into these competitions, offering interviews with the winners to discuss their approach to solving the data science problems. The blog also features news and tutorials for all levels of data science enthusiasts.

5. insideBIGDATA

InsideBIGDATA focuses on the machine learning side of data science. It covers big data in IT and business, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Guest features offer insight into industry perspectives, while news and Editor’s Choice articles highlight important goings-on in the field. All the articles are neatly categorized by topic to zero in on any subject in particular. The blog also maintains a host of resources for events, jobs, and research reports, and more. This is a resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date with machine learning.


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