Update Warning Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 update problems, BSOD

Picked up by both TechDows and MSPoweruser, they are warning the KB4517389 update (which is already causing Start Menu, search and browser problems) is now causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on some PCs as well.

At this stage, it isn’t clear what is the cause with users citing BSOD failures with cldflt.sys, Affinity applications and more but all have found that uninstalling KB4517389 fixes the problem, which pins the source squarely on this already troubled update. Needless to say, the problem with a BSOD bug is you may not be lucky enough to get back to your desktop to do this.

If you are, then navigate to Control Panel > Programs >  Programs and Features > Installed updates > KB4517389 > Uninstall

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KB4517389 has already rolled out to millions of users but for hundreds of millions who have not received it yet, use Microsoft’s Show or Hide updates tool to block it from installing on your PC.

Multiple Problems Reported With New Windows 10 Updates

But perhaps what is most concerning about KB4517389 is Microsoft’s attitude towards it. Despite confirming earlier issues with the update already, the official KB4517389 page still states “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.” This has happened before, and if anyone relies on the update pages to make their update decisions, they could be walking into a world of hurt.

To Microsoft’s credit, the company is about to make fundamental changes to Windows 10 updates but, the company’s bug checking processes throughout testing remain a worry. As recently exposed by an ex-Microsoft employee in the video below:

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 update problems continue to mount. Adding the BSOD reports to the list, since September there have now been boot failures, broken printing, Search and Start Menu bugs (yes, again), USB and audio problems, screen discolouration, spiked CPU usage and broken Internet connectivity.

With Microsoft now forcing one of its buggiest Windows 10 builds on users, I expect to be back with reports of more problems soon.


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