Virginia woman pole dances for her a hundredth birthday

A Virginia woman surprised her circle of relatives members and herself via identifying she desired toperform a pole dance in party of her a centesimal birthday.

Beatrice Ingerling had a pole set up in her house because the culmination of a “one hundred days to 100years” birthday celebration chronicled on facebook by using her daughter Carol Lensch.

Lensch become happy to file the celebration of Ingerling, who’s additionally known as Grandy and Queen Bea, however changed into bowled over when she said she maximum desired to pole dance tocelebrate the milestone.

some asked her what she desired to do for her a centesimal birthday, and he or she stated ‘a pole dance.’and she or he no quicker said, ‘I don’t know why I said that.’ And the rest people stated we do not know why you stated that both, we failed to even recognise you knew approximately pole dancing, mom,” Lensch informed WWBT.

at some stage in the a hundred day birthday celebration, Ingerling obtained numerous gifts from strangers and own family individuals alike and was even treated to a party at His or Hers Salon.

The party culminated in a small gathering at Ingerling’s domestic where she became surrounded with the aid of own family and buddies and fulfilled her want of dancing on a pole.

we’ve labored it out that we are going to set up a pole for her. and she or he goes to do a pole dance,” Lensch said. “Very tasteful dressed. no longer within the leopard print leotard that she as soon asrecommended, but she can arise with the aid of the pole because that changed into her dream.”


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