What’s your old iPhone worth?

The iPhone 5c model is still popular and is a great entry-level device.

Next week, Tim Cook will stand on a stage in San Francisco and unveil a new iPhone model.

Shortly after the Apple chief executive delivers his speech, some of you will start wondering about upgrading your current iPhone.

But what is it worth, and what can you expect to pay secondhand for older iPhones?

Figures from Trade Me show there is a spike in searches for iPhones after each new model is released.

However, data from January to June this year shows that while about 100,000 iPhones were listed on the site it’s not always the latest models that get the most attention.

The results show the iPhone 5 was most popular handset in terms of the number of listings created during that period.

This was followed by the iPhone 5s (2013), the iPhone 4s (2011), then the iPhone 6 (2014) in 4th place.

The most purchased iPhone over the six-month period was the iPhone 5 followed closely by the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4s. In 4th place again was the iPhone 6.

The demand for smaller, more affordable iPhones possibly shows Apple made a smart move by released the 4-inch iPhone 5se earlier this year.

However, people still covet the latest phones, with data showing the 6 model is the most popular when it comes to searches.

Here’s what to expect to get if you do plan on selling your iPhone secondhand. The prices reflect devices in good to excellent condition with no dents or cracks.

iPhone 4s

Secondhand: $150 (8GB) – $300 (16GB)
New: not available to buy new anymore

This model is really getting dated now. In October it’ll be five years old, which in smartphone years means it’s due for the retirement home.

However, Apple has made an effort to keep the 4s current and it is compatible with the latest operating system that is due to be released next week.

The screen is tiny – 3.5-inches – but you still get a good phone that was worth $1049 when it first went on sale. However, expect its resale value to decline.

iPhone 5
Secondhand: $250 (16GB) – $450 (32GB)
New: not available to buy new anymore

Since this is the most listed phone on Trade Me, it appears many people are selling it to upgrade.

There will probably be more listings after the next model is announced so if you are after a 5, it may be a good time to get a deal.

It’s still a great phone and is quite a bit better than the 4S. It’s got a bigger screen, 4G and its twice a fast, which is why many are still buying them on Trade Me.

iPhone 5c

Secondhand: $250 (8GB) – $380 (16GB)
New: not available to buy new anymore

This plastic-backed model is still popular and is a great entry-level device.

However, there is a lot of 5c iPhones on TradeMe so it could take a while to sell. Any first-time smartphone owner would be happy with this device.

iPhone 5s

Secondhand: $300 (16GB) – $600 (64GB)
New: not available to buy new anymore

There is little difference between this model and the 5, but it still sells for more. There are hundreds of these listed on Trade Me which is good if you are looking for one to buy.

iPhone 6 (2015)
Secondhand: $500 (16GB) – $900 (64GB)
New: $999 (16GB) – $1199 (64GB)

This was the first model to feature a larger 4.7-inch screen and it proved a sales winner for Apple.

Trade Me data shows this model is the most popular in terms of search.

This may be good news for all those after a 6 as a new iPhone coming on the market will mean more older devices going on sale.

The 6 Plus models sell for about $200 more.

iPhone 6s

Secondhand: $800 (16GB) – $1100 (64GB)
New: $1199 (16GB), $1399 (64GB), $1599 (128GB)

If you are selling a 6s to upgrade to what will probably be the iPhone 7 then you are probably an early adopter and are not worried about spending money on a new phone.

If the new model proves a winner, then you may see a flurry of the 6s devices coming on the market as fans rush to upgrade.

The Plus models sell for about $200 more.

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