Whatsapp updates on Microsoft’s Windows phones with a rich new feature

The official Windows 10 Mobile Whatsapp app has updated to version and has added rich previews to website addresses when posted into conversations. This new feature isn’t being forced on users though and, like the similar feature in a Facebook post or chat, rich previews can easily be removed before a message is published/sent to the recipient. Rich previews pull data from a website and provide a small preview of the site or article within an app or service.

Whatsapp is a popular chat and phonecall service which has apps on the majority of smartphone devices. It remains one of the more-popular apps of its kind in English-speaking nations while Line continues to reign supreme in Japan, WeChat rules in China, and KaKao Talk is number one in South Korea.apps.35331.9007199266291855.61e3cac5-9a82-4bc4-85dc-d4021b4e7eec Whatsapp updates on Microsoft's Windows phones with a rich new feature


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