Windows 10 May 2019 Update installation is borking on some AMD systems

Windows 10 May 2019 Update installation is borking on some AMD systems

MICROSOFT HAS started to roll out the now-traditional borks that represent its latest attempts at improving the Windows 10 operating system.

The May 2019 Update (Build 1903) began to roll out just before the bank holiday weekend, giving us all plenty of times to find the bits that it missed.

One of the biggest issues affects anyone with an AMD processor – installation simply freezes on these machines as there’s a compatibility issue between the RAID drivers and the update. There’s a pretty simple workaround for this – download the latest AMD driver packages before you attempt an update, but seriously – as we always say – HOW? How did Microsoft and the entire Insider Programme membership not spot this sooner?

From its side, AMD explains that 1903 “contains new Device Input/Output Control (IOCTL) requirements”.

Perhaps the most embarrassing problem concerns one of the new features. Window Sandbox has been introduced to give developers and anyone with a suspicious package (that’s what she said) a way of testing without risking the main system. Thing is… erm…. it’s borked.

Yes, a patch to 1903 is somehow stopping Windows 10 from recognising the existence of the Sandbox and throwing up error messages instead of best-in-class protection.

It’s not entirely sure what’s happened, all we know is that Microsoft has seen the borkage and has promised a patch to fix things.

But if some is good, more must be better, and so it’s hello to bork number three. Once again, this is caused by outdated drivers – Qualcomm wifi modules are suffering dropouts as a result of the update. Once again, the secret is to update the drivers first. However, unlike the AMD issue which hasn’t blocked installations, the Qualcomm issue requires a fix or your update will be blocked, but if that’s just a driver update away, it’s fair to say that it’s not a huge deal, albeit another one that, lets make no bones about it, have been spotted from the outset.

Although this isn’t a patch on the disastrous rollout of last Autumn’s 1809 build, it still raises questions about gaps in the testing regime for these bi-annual feature fests, and given that Windows-as-a-Service is one of the cornerstones of Microsoft under Satya Nadella, it would be nice if just one of them went smoothly, especially given that the Insiders had an extra month of testing this time.



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