Woman Cons 11 Husbands Before Getting Arrested in Noida

Woman Cons 11 Husbands Before Getting Arrested in Noida

Bhopal: A 26-year-old native from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh was arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida for conning eleven men after marrying them.

The accused, Meghna Bhargav, had allegedly married at least 11 men in Indore, Kerala, Pune, Mumbai and Rajasthan over the past few years.

When families of the grooms met fair skinned and MBA degree holder Meghna Bhargav, little did they know that she would runaway at very first opportunity he got with their belongings and hard-earned money.

The tip-off came when a Kerala resident Lauren Justin filed a complaint against his “wife” in October 2016 who had disappeared with Rs 15 lakh worth of ornaments soon after the marriage.

As the Kerala police probed into her track record, they learnt that Justin was the fifth target of the ‘runaway bride’ in Kerala.

Days after marriage, Megha used to give her husband and in laws sedatives laced food and run away with the cash and ornaments. She normally targeted men who had divorced their wives or were differently abled grooms.

Kerala police along with their counterparts from Noida arrested Megha along with her sister Prachi Bhargav and brother-in-law Devendra Sharma from Sector-120 based residence where they used to hide after every crime.

Indore resident Mahendra Bundela was instrumental in finding grooms for the cunning bride.

[Source:-News 18]

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