Chrome is getting a dark mode for Windows 10 and macOS

Google is testing out a new dark mode for its Chrome browser. 9to5Google reports that both macOS and Windows 10 will get dark mode support, and it’s currently in testing in the latest Canary development builds of Chrome. Google’s browser appears to enable dark mode by default, picking up your system settings on macOS and Windows.

It’s not entirely clear how Google plans to introduce its dark mode for Chrome. We’ve tested it in the latest Chrome Canary release. On some systems, it respects the system-wide dark mode, and on others, it does not. Google must still be experimenting with the best way to roll this out on both macOS and Windows 10.

The dark mode enables a dark default page for new tabs, darker chrome borders, and even darker context menus. It’s possible that Google may roll this dark mode out with Chrome 74, which is scheduled to release in April. Current Canary builds are version 74, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will arrive into the stable channel in time.

Either way, it’s a welcome change to Chrome and comes just weeks before Microsoft is expected to start testing its own Chromium-powered version of Edge. Microsoft will also commit many changes to the underlying code that powers Chrome and help Google’s browser run better on Windows as a result.


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