Microsoft Issues Important Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

Windows 10 1903 is coming and it's essential, but it carries a price.

Windows 10 1903 is coming and it’s essential, but it carries a price.


In a new advisory, Microsoft has warned users that they will need up to twice as much free storage on their PCs to receive Windows 10 1903, the upgrade which finally gives all users control over Windows updates. The new requirement will apply to all versions of Windows 10: Home, Pro and Enterprise.

The new minimum is 32 GB, double the previous 16 GB stipulation of 32-bit Windows 10 and almost 40% more than the 64-bit editions. For users with modern PCs this is unlikely to be a problem, but for older PCs (or users who consume a lot of storage), this could prove a more problematic hurdle with some finding they need to buy a new hard drive and migrate their data.

Moreover, Windows specialist Paul Thurrott believes Microsoft’s move will open the floodgates to far larger requirements in the near future, saying: “I’m surprised it took so long to get to 32 GB. And I see a 64 GB minimum happening in the near future.”

So if you have an older PC or simply don’t want to give up additional space equivalent to 4,000 12MP photos (source), should you just skip Windows 10 1903? In a word: No.

Microsoft's Windows 10 updates have long been a minefield

Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates have long been a minefield


The sad fact is Windows 10 users need control over their updates because they have been getting worse, not better. Windows 10 updates have caused serious problems in October (deleting personal data), November (Windows downgraded itself) and February (breaking app updates) while April has proven so problematic I’m referring to it as Awful April.

So yes, you need Windows 10 1903 and yes, you may have to offload/delete some data or buy new hardware to get it. But this is an upgrade which is too important to skip. You have been warned.



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