Microsoft’s Legendary Windows 10 App Gains Powerful New Feature

Earlier this month Microsoft open-sourced the Windows Calculator application, putting it on GitHub with an MIT licence. Part of this was to show how the app worked and how the logic was presented in the UI. But the other part was to see what contributions would be made that could be rolled into Microsoft’s official release.

And that later goal is already proving to be a success, as Microsoft prepares to add a suggested feature to the main release of the Calculator app in Windows 10. Kareem Anderson for OnMSFT:

After careful deliberation the Windows team has opted to begin its refresh of the Windows Calculator app with the new Graphing Mode that will allow users to see visualizations of mathematical equations on a graph.

As Microsoft re-engineers its scholastic offerings with new teacher/student driven OneNote class offerings, new research and collaboration additions in Office 365 and accessibility to mutli-factor devices in education, the new Graphic Mode rounds out a nice educational ecosystem offering.

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Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft, speaks during a Microsoft launch event to introduce the new Microsoft Surface laptop (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


As well as the nod towards the educational environment and a general sense of Microsoft being open, this also reinforces Microsoft’s ongoing and growing commitment to open-sourcing code and sharing resources with the community.

Which leads me to a rather interesting thought. There may be an updated version (developed by Arkadium) in the Microsoft Store, but what if the original Microsoft Minesweeper was open-sourced and given the same treatment?


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