Overwatch players on PS4 lose progress after glitch without sign of return

A bug that cost Overwatch fans on PlayStation 4 several levels, competitive ranks and cosmetic skins still has not been resolved, according to posts on Battle.net and Reddit. Since the glitch occurred more than a week ago, players have hoped for a fix that would retrieve their lost experience and items.

Several threads popped up starting on July 11 for PS4 players claiming that their accounts had rolled back anywhere from five to 50 levels, if not altogether reset. Along with the progress loss, people reported that cosmetic skins they picked up from loot boxes had disappeared, including legendary ones; wins were also voided.

Following complaints, developer Blizzard Entertainment tweeted from the Overwatchaccount that it was “looking into reports of lost progression on PlayStation 4,” also on July 11. A thread on Battle.net about the bug offered an update to players on July 12, the next day, stating that the “root cause for this was fixed,” but Blizzard was still investigating the return of lost items and levels to players affected.

That’s been the company line ever since. It’s unclear just how many players lost progress due to the glitch, but all Overwatch fans can likely sympathize, especially those who have poured several hours into both Quick and Competitive Play modes since launch. We’ve reached out Blizzard about a possible incoming fix and will update accordingly.

For players on Windows PC, on the other hand, there’s new content to try out in the Public Test Realm, including Ana, the game’s first new hero. Check her out below.

Update: Blizzard has now restored lost credits, levels and competitive points to players affected by the bug, according to a Battle.net post. Skill ratings cannot be repaired, however, and the matchmaking system will instead use players’ data since the glitch occurred to determine new competitive matches. Those who have not played since losing their skill ratings and other information must replay the competitive placement matches first.

[Source:- Polygon]

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