Pokémon Go fan creates Windows 10 Mobile 3D model

There is no hiding the fact that Pokémon Go is one of the latest trending apps taking the world by storm. Unfortunately, and what sadly seems to be another another trend these days, Windows Phone fans have been left out of the Pokémon Go craze. Thankfully, not all Windows Phone (or Pokémon Go) fans are upset from being left out,and one fan has created a Pokemon Go trainer in Windows style.

pkmn-1050x548 Pokémon Go fan creates Windows 10 Mobile 3D model

The Windows styled Pokemon Go Trainer

The 3D model of the Pokemon Go trainer was first posted on the ArtStation website by user and Junior 3D Artist Dragos Licar. As seen above, the user’s model of the trainer is complete with a Windows shirt, and  Windows blue themed hat and shoes. Moreover, and if you zoom in closely, you can even see that this Pokémon trainer is sporting a Lumia 950 Windows Phone!

This is a very cool find, and is perhaps proof that there are a group of Windows Phone users who are eager to join the Pokémon Go craze. Nonetheless, we would love to hear your thoughts on this 3D model, so be sure to drop us a comment below!

[Source:- WINBETA]

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